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13 Beautiful DIY Vanity Mirror Ideas to Consider for Your Home

13 Beautiful DIY Vanity Mirror Ideas to Consider for Your Home

A mirror is seriously one of the most significant parts in our lives. We use this item on the daily basis to help us achieve your flawless look. Since it is a must-have stuff, we are here to give you a bunch of DIY vanity mirror ideas.

By creating the grooming mirror yourself, you are able to match it with your bedroom decor. On the other hand, the store bought one usually does not meet your taste. That’s the reason we recommend you to opt for distinct and creative solutions. For more bedroom ideas checkout https://www.nytimes.com/guides/realestate/home-decor-ideas.

In fact, the mirrors have nearly unlimited variations. They typically are available in round, square, rectangle, and even odd shapes. Not only that, their sizes vary wildly from extra large to small. The frames are also made out of different materials. There is a huge selection of styles and colors too.

For certain, you must truly get overwhelmed to make the top pick. No worries. Just read this article till the end. And we promise you will find a fantastic mirror for spicing up your space without wrecking your budget.

1. Framed with Mosaic Tiles

Who says mosaic tiles cannot do a wonderful job? It is wrong. Glue them securely on a mirror and be careful, otherwise the end result dissapoints you. The choices of mosaic tile shape and shade are in your hands.

They are glamorous and visually attractive. When you look at your face in the mirror, you will instantly feel the classic charm as well. Regular maintenance is required for its durability.

2. Hollywood-Inspired Makeup Mirror

No hesitation, this mirror reminds you of Hollywood actresses. The main character is its length or width. Then, it has different feature compared to the other types. Like the picture above, the LED light bulbs surround it gorgeously.

It is not only unique, but also elegant and neat. Thanks to the all-white color scheme. This neutral hue exhibits welcoming ambience too.

3. Floating Vanity Cabinet and a Couple of Mirrors

If you live with your spouse, this idea is the perfect choice. Because the two wall-mounted round mirrors are suitable for two individuals. They provide symmetrical appeal to the space.

Curvy brown floating vanity cabinet steals the show here. The navy beanbag pops against the white ceramic floor. This bathroom is fancy and inviting, right?

4. The Illuminated Frame

Need something captivating and mind-blowing? It is the way to go. You might think it is quite demanding at first. But, mirror with lighted frame won’t fail to entice you.

It makes tiny lavatory more welcoming. Not to mention, it keeps your area from looking cramped and dingy. What else could you want?

5. Flip-up Vanity Mirror

Short on space? this top vanity table with steel hairpin legs will be the best solution. It plays dual roles. When you close it, you have multi-functional table. As you open this excellent stuff up, it is your mirror.

Surprisingly, it comes with three compartments to store your accessories and makeup supplies. Who doesn’t like it?

6. Grand Dresser Mirror

Looking for DIY weekend project? Give it a try. As you can see, the black dresser pairs nicely with a hanging mirror. Its frame is made out of wood which generates the unifying appearance.

Thisfull-width mirror is also painted in black. It adds dimension and depth to the whole room. Despite its simplicity, it grabs the attention in no time. We believe your guests will envy you.

7. Rope-Framed Vanity Mirror

This roped mirror complements your bedroom or bathroom with its nautical and coastal vibes.To get the most charming result, it is better to use the circular mirror. For a more cost-effective option, just buy the vintage one at thrift store.

Then, wrap the frame in sisal rope. You can decorate the top of the framewith natural jute too. You may get surprised on how easy the project is.

8. The Sunburst Mirror with ‘Wow’ Factor

If you have dreamed of jaw-dropping vanity mirror, this idea is the winner. It adds visual interest to your living space. We guarantee it makes you extremely proud because of its magnificence.

The mirror comes in the round shape. To craft the perfect-looking mirror, you should use thinly cut wooden shims or dried tree branches. And spray yours gold for a glamorous touch. Use glue to attach those pieces on the frame.

13 Beautiful DIY Vanity Mirror Ideas to Consider for Your Home

9. Three-Way Makeup Mirror

The tri fold mirror with hinged edges gives you real advantage. Its angles will help catch your details while styling hair and applying makeup. This item also tucks any area into get-ready zone.

That’s why you should have one in your room. For a nice grooming experience, you can create it yourself. And fold the tinier mirrors inward to save the space.

10. Homemade Vanity Mirror with Light Bulbs

Get bored of old-fashioned design? Opt to make your own mirror with bulbs. Be sure they are not overly bright.
Since this mirror features the electrical outlet, the installation is super easy. As long as there is its source nearby, no big worries. So versatile and functional, right?

11. Like a Piece of Art

Go on beach vacation? It is really hard not to take the seashells home. You can transform your ordinary mirror into the mesmerizing one with them.

As the picture shows, the seashells offer an upscale and enchanting look to the mirror. And this project truly brings out your inner artist for certain.

12. Industrial-Themed Mirror

Are you a fan of rustic decor? You will certainly love this idea. The vanity shelf exposes wooden logs, so do the double mirrors.

Furthermore, they blend well with the wooden floor. A couple of pendant lights also boost a strong sense of rusticism here. Click here to get about use of basement home theater ideas.

13. Stunning DIY Flower Mirror

If you cannot bring the outdoor beauties indoor, at least you have this divine mirror. Just glue the blooming artificial flowers on the frame.

You can get all the items from your local dollar store. This project is super easy, low-cost and quick.

We are sure those DIY vanity mirror ideas make your morning and night routines more fun. They are cool and doable. Choose the nicest one that fits your personal budget and preference. Do not wait any longer! Let’s build it from the scratch!

10+ Helpful Tips For Creating Bright Living Room Ideas

10+ Helpful Tips For Creating Bright Living Room Ideas

The living room is an often used space in the house, used mostly by its inhabitants for relaxation and socializing. A colorless and lackluster room strikes a depressing note while on the other hand a bright and cheery living room acts as an uplifting agent and fills one with optimism.

If you are not satisfied with the décor of your living room there are ways and means by which you can change the décor for the brighter look. Get also about adorable DIY coffee bar ideas on http://artofthearcade.com/coffee-bar-ideas

With some bit of planning and taking the help of some creative ideas you can convert your dark and cramped living room into an airy and bright space. Here are 10 Helpful Tips for Creating Bright Living Rooms:

1. Paint the walls and ceiling white

White acts as a great reflecting agent hence if you want a brighter room consider painting the walls and ceiling of your living room in white. A dark colored ceiling and walls cast dark shadows over the room making the room look duller in appearance while a white wall will lend an appearance of brightness to the room.

If you are wary of coloring your entire room white then just paint the ceilings white – that in itself would be sufficient to make a dramatic difference to the room.

2. Add colors

You could either paint an entire wall in bright vivid colors or you can just paint the soffit in a different color from the rest of the room – the choice is entirely yours. Alternatively you can cover your walls in reflective wallpaper that will reflect the light falling on it and make the room look brighter.

Throw in a multicolored cushion, a vibrant rug or add some colorful decor items and see your room taking on an entirely new color.

3. Natural lighting

Natural lighting is the best way by which you can brighten up a room. Try utilizing natural lighting to the utmost. A great way to utilize natural light is by the addition of large windows to the living room space.

Another idea is to do away with large heavy curtains in the living room and replace them with lighter variants which allow natural light to filter through.

10+ Helpful Tips For Creating Bright Living Room Ideas

4. Add mirrors

Adding mirrors to the living room can help create a bright space. To achieve a bright look you have to strategically place the mirror such that it is able to reflect the sunlight during the day and reflect artificial light during the night. A floor to ceiling mirrors or even a wall mirror can brighten up your room considerably.

5. Clutter-free

Adding too much of furniture and décor items to your living room can create an atmosphere of darkness. If you want to brighten your room then the first step should be to de-clutter it as much as possible and do away with the non-essential stuff.

If you cannot live without a display unit you can go for wall mounted shelving which will not only clear up the space but also eliminate the shadows caused by your furniture.

6. Large windows

Windows let in ample sunlight into a room and make the room look brighter. The larger the windows the brighter the room would appear. Thus try to add windows to your living room if it is lacking in one.

If there are existing windows but they are small you can try to widen them. Of course all this can be achieved only with professional help.

7. Glass furniture

Glass is not only handy when it comes to doors, it can also be incorporated into the furniture to give the room a bright look.

Transparent glass tables, glass cabinets and mirrors will reflect light in the room creating brightness. An oversized glass topped coffee table with lights focused on it will definitely add to the brightness of the room.

8. Reflective flooring

Reflective flooring is a great way to make a room look bright. After the ceiling, the flooring occupies maximum area so what goes on here will have a big impact on the overall tone of the room. Tiles in lighter shades, materials like marble, terrazzo look tiles etc will add to the brightness of the room.

9. Artificial lights

Poorly lit rooms look bleak and dreary. In order for the brightness to remain in your living room long after the sun is gone, you need to invest in good lighting. But never ever invest in fluorescent lighting – they make everything look so artificial.

To keep the brightness intact, instead of going for a single overhead light source go for diffused lighting that not only lights up the entire area but also creates a cozy atmosphere. Table lamps, floor lamps and wall scones can also be used to brighten up the living room.

10. Light airy curtains

Heavy curtains prevent the light from filtering into the room thus creating a dark atmosphere. In their place use light airy curtains which allow maximum light to pass through. A curtain in bright pattern and colors can brighten up the room. Stylish shutters and venetian blinds can also brighten up the room.

If you are fed up of your dark and cramped living room which feels like a cave, now is the time to change it. These helpful tips will help you create that perfect bright look for your living room.